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Cacao is Wild, Whole, Sensual, Creative, Complex, Subtle, Regenerative, and Transformative.

Whether you are a yoga teacher, holistic practitioner, sound therapist or simply curious about having your own ritual with Cacao – we are happy to guide you in the process of getting to know CereMOONial Chocolate!

What is Ceremony?

Ceremony is when we devote our personal time, our true intimacy, and our transparency to a sacred space that has been created to honour ourselves and higher beings. It often involves the use of sacred plants, animals, instruments, songs, and other particular components that can enhance the essence of this practice. Ceremony can bring us together in a common intention.

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What is Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial grade Cacao is cacao that has been sown, grown, nourished, transported, and transformed with special care and attention. To ensure the qualities of this product, Ceremonial Cacao must be an all organic product, preferably grown in biodiversity and through regenerative farming practice, is handled with care and intention, and assimilated primarily by hand, with little use of machinery. It is also important that all people involved in the creation of this product (farmers, families, distributors, buyers, makers, etc.) are treated with care and fair share. 

     To its highest potential, Ceremonial Cacao is prepared into a drinking chocolate where it is used a tool in ritual and ceremony.

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About our Product

All of our Cacao comes from the heartbeat of the Jungle and has been in the care of Mayan communities of Toledo, the Southern region of Belize. Grown through Organic & Regenerative Practice – Marco, the grower of this Cacao and student of Permaculture, Agroforestry and Traditional Mayan Medicine, has inherited his grandfather's Cacao farm where he passionately communicates with the living system he has helped create and embodies his role as a teacher and guide for his community.

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Under the care of Dragons, the whole process from transforming the beans into chocolate is nearly all done by hand. The only step that it goes into a machine is for final refining – where the Cacao paste grinds for a period of about 24hrs. From here, we choose to temper our chocolate, which is essentially manipulating the molecular structure of the fat in the cacao (achieved through rapid change in temperature) to achieve a stable state and smooth texture. We choose to do this to offer our drinking chocolate a rich, velvety tasting experience. All of our Chocolate is made in 'nano-hatches,' and our CereMOONial hatches get special treatment by keeping attuned to lunar cycles.


It is all of these components of our CereMOONial Chocolate that create a truly magical and transformational experience for ourselves and for You!

About our Product

How to prepare CereMOONial Chocolate

Ok, so first of all condragulations for getting your bar(s) of pure Cacao bliss and for supporting our great vision! 


Now, you probably want to know how to make the best drinking chocolate in the world – and we are here to help!

Serving Size

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Suggested Ingredients

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Each small block of chocolate equals to 1 serving.
If you've purchased a single bar, split the bar into three and get three servings from it. For those of you who have a Pouch, the chocolate is already portioned for you into 24 servings! 
For every block of chocolate, calculate about 1 cup of purified water or milk of your choice.

This is really your opportunity to feel into what your body wants or needs! Take into consideration what your intention is, what the energy of the day is like, and what you would like to call into your drink!

Special spices and ingredients that we enjoy and work in harmony with Cacao are:


  • Cardamom

  • Nutmeg

  • Himalayan salt

  • Black pepper

  • Chili

  • Cayenne Pepper

  • Vanilla

  • Rose petals

  • Ginger

  • Honey or Maple Syrup


Above all, Love & Intention!


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Get a small pot, or a big pot if you're making chocolate for a large group.

Measure the appropriate amount of water (or milk) respective to how many servings you are planning to make. Pour a little extra water in case you suspect you or your guests will want seconds ; )


On medium or high heat, bring the water to a gentle boil.

Gently submerge the block(s) of chocolate into the water and stir until thoroughly melted. MMMM. Begin to loose your mind over its scent & beauty...


At this point you can add any desired spices or natural sweeteners (just not honey, it is best to not heat it) and stir again.

Lid the pot and allow the flavours to amalgamate for 5 mins on simmer.


Turn the stove off and let the chocolate rest for another 5 minutes.

If you are using honey to sweeten, place about 1 tsp at the bottom of your chosen mug(s). Right before serving from the pot, whisk the chocolate drink vigorously to fluff & incorporate air. You can now serve the chocolate into your mug(s) and remember to stir well if you’ve chosen to sweeten with honey.


These are the basic steps to making a traditional chocolate drink. Get creative and try new spices each time or even add your favourite local herbs!


We hope you have Fun ~ Be in the Magik and enjoy your Intuitive Alchemy!

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How to Prepare
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