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Wholesale 100% CereMOONial Chocolate

Wholesale 100% CereMOONial Chocolate


*Please specify your Order Size in the drop-down menu below*

Looking for lots of 100% Cacao? Enjoy our CereMOONial Chocolate in bulk quantity to make drinking chocolate for a large group or event. These bars are semi-packaged in compostable, raw parchment paper for easy use and save on material!


Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic Cacao. Use for making drinking chocolate, baking your favorite healthy desserts or just nibble away at pure energy! 


Each bar weighs 2 oz (57g).

One bar can make 2-4 servings of drinking chocolate. 

One Wholesale order (1 lb or 8 bars) can make up to 32 servings of drinking chocolate.

One Bulk Wholesale order (5 lbs or 40 bars) can make up to 160 servings of drinking chocolate.


*All Cacao comes from our passionate Cacao farmer, Marco, and is from one single origin – San José, Toledo, Belize.

Grown through 100% Organic and Regenerative farming practices. 

  • How to Prepare

    click here for special instructions on how to prepare your best cup of drinking chocolate!

  • Wholesale

    Wholesale Price is $64 USD / Lb

    *Minimum order of 1 Lb (8 bars) of Chocolate.

  • Bulk Wholesale

    Bulk Wholesale Price is $56 USD / Lb

    *Minimum order of 5 Lbs (40 bars) of Chocolate.

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