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How is Chocolate connective?

This venture is born in the Jungle.


Beginning in the bedrock of the forests' root system, temporarily ushered by the symphony of jungle sounds, a creature rests dormant, ticking with anticipation. Before long, the time came for the Serpent to rise as the vines did around it. With it came the calling to remind the people of their purpose here on Earth. 

Our chocolate is about

re-connection to the heart & nature.

With Cacao as an ally, we hope to infuse your being with what is wild & pure.

Cacao's natural habitat is virgin rainforest. It has been this way for thousands of years. The jungle is a place of regeneration and vitality. With each bite, or sip, we invite you to bask in the opportunity to connect to this primordial place. Taste the taste of ancient medicine and be transported to a time and place of epic harmony.


Cacao is the medicine of the Heart.

Complex chemical properties make cacao the perfect medicine for the Heart. As it works to expand our breath and calm our nervous system, it subtilely suggests a shift in consciousness. We believe it contributes to qualities of joy, ease, compassion, and unification. 


Across cultures, the Dragon (or serpent) is a central mythological creature. It is commonly associated to qualities of creativity, life force, luck and abundance. In mythology & story, it remains to be one of the oldest symbols of all time. The Maya & Aztec of Central America revered this symbol as well and characterised it as a 'Feathered Serpent', or 'Quetzalcoatl' in their language. They associated it to the Cacao Tree so much so that they believed that the base of the tree was its dwelling place. The serpent, believed to connect the Earth to the Sky, was the keeper and protector of this plant, fostering this forest treasure whilst infusing the tree's fruits with vital spirit.

As storytellers and lovers of ancient-ness, we love honouring this story and reviving Cacao's mystical presence through what we offer as Dragon Chocolate. 

Why Dragons?

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